Focus on One Thing They Say

Focus on One Thing They Say

One of the benefits about growing up is that you've lived with yourself a while and you should know yourself better at 50 than you did at 20.

I am not good at doing only one creative thing. There I said it! #WhewChile

When I was younger and hadn't learned as much creative genres, it was much easier. If you only know how to play piano, you can focus on doing it very well. But what happens when you learn to play bass guitar, drums, and flute?

The first creative thing I recall doing was drawing which I focused on from age 5 or 6. Around 7, I started pinning fabric on dolls trying to create the fashion designs I was drawing. So now I split my time between drawing and pin-sewing. Around 13 I started teaching myself to sew on a machine and by 16 I was making evening gowns for fun. I was still drawing and still making doll clothes too.

Later on I added hat making/millinery, home decor, graphic design, art/painting, website design, interior design, jewelry-making, and body butter/soaping to the mix. Today I can make almost anything and I thank God for this ability.

The problem comes when you're trying to build a sustainable creative business. I only have so much time and money to invest in a business so I have to choose. Most of the time I get an idea for something, invest more money than I should, try things out and see what sells. If it doesn't take off immediately, I'll switch and  work on another venture at the same time.

"In the morning sow your seed, And in the evening don't withhold your hand; For you don't know which will prosper, whether this or that, Or whether they both will be equally good" - Ecclesiastes 11:6

When I hear other successful creative business owners stories, many will say their business was not successful at first but they stuck with it and eventually it became successful. I've also heard many entrepreneurs talk about the business ideas that failed miserably before they stumbled on one that became a roaring success like Walt Disney.

THIS is where I am today.  A whole bunch of ideas and products but no sustainable business yet. Part of Plenttiful is putting everything in one place and seeing what resonates with the you - the market.

Thanks for listening!

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